The ears have walls

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Can female contraception cause mood-swings? "Yes" says the enclosed warning leaflet on the packet of Femidene birth-control pills that she's taking. She offers this as an explanation for recent strange and unpredictable behaviour as well as her complete loss of interest in the carnal pleasures of our relationhip. Alright. That I can deal with. What I was having serious problems accepting was the fact that she didn't want to fuck me because she wasn't attracted to me, or because I didn't know how to touch her right or because her ex-fucking-boyfriend had a 10" dick to go with his self-effacing continental personality and she couldn't stop thinking about it when her and I were warming up before the final act. Pride does indeed come before a fall and I got a feeling I'm going to be falling a long, long way on this one.


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