The ears have walls

Monday, July 11, 2005

Things seem to be improving between her and I. Maybe the beautiful summer weather we've been having the last few days has contributed to the all-round good feelings that we've been sharing. The way she looks at me in the mornings takes me by surprise every time. It's a look somewhere between mewling kitten and bengal tiger and it hits me right in the goddam pit of my stomach each time she does it. And she knows that it has this effect on me. I'm sure she knows it would have that effect on any guy in the fucking world. She's so sure of herself sometimes and it frightens me to think that she suckers me so easily. There's a sweetness and fragility that follows her around. It's ephemeral and fleeting but at times encompasses me to the point when I can think of nothing or no-one else. I'm a thief in bed at night and my bounty sleeps quietly opposite me unaware that I'm stealing a little bit of her with each glance and midnight kiss. I love the girl that she wants to be and the boy that she sees in me.


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