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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The first dream on sunday

Another week has passed, and I've moved into a new place now. I had two very strange and disturbing dreams on Sunday night. The memories of both are sketchy at best but I'll try recall them in as much vivid detail as possible. In the first her and I were playing in a friend's band back home, but we were on an aeroplane or a bus or something long and tubular with lots of rows of seats in it. In an obvious nod to my paranoia about sex and her distinct lack of interest in it while with me, we began comparing the sex she had with me to the sex she was having with her new partner. Of course, the sex she was having now was monumentally better and more intense and more expensive with toys and perversions and all the things which we couldn't do while the two of us were together. I lost my temper and started screaming myself hoarse at her, calling her a fucking prude and frigid and assigning blame to anything other than my own self. The dream began to dissipate and fragment at that point and I woke up shortly after angry and on the verge of tears. I'll tell you the second dream later.


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