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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hope Floats

Alfred, a brave young boy from Benin, had a facial tumour the size of a basketball removed by surgeons, part of a project called 'Mercy Ships', who travel up and down the West coast of Africa on a boat bringing life-saving medicine and help to the poorest of the poor.

Alfred was ten when the tumor appeared that would take over his life and slowly seek to suffocate him. Like many boys his age, he'd been in a fight with an older cousin, and returned home with a sore jaw from a well-placed jab. Unlike many other boys, that same week, he developed a cemento-ossifying fibroma - a rare rapidly growing facial tumor. It began a frightening metamorphosis that would make Kafka cringe or Hugo's hunchback smile at the mirror.

Read the rest of Alfred's story here.

Via Wired News


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