The ears have walls

Sunday, August 28, 2005

When we were orphaned
And love lost it's meaning,
The girls of my youth
Danced together one last and lonely time
Before collapsing
Into heaps on the ground.

Noise from the future reflects in time
And manifests as dead air
On pirate punk radio stations,
In cities that sprawl
And squat along mighty rivers
That trickle and piss
Fossil fuel by-products.

Androgynous teens persuade nervous truck drivers
To strip in gas station restrooms
And photograph the shameful faces
While the high priests and hipsters
Hold seances in hotel lobbies
And burn effigies of all
My fallen heroes.

I took the last train to run
To the edge of the city slums
And waited for what seemed a lifetime.
A million unremarkable moments
Were moulded into one by the fire of streetlight
And the stale smoke of cheap cigarettes.

Now orphaned by killer waves of neglect.
Now choking on hot ash from Volcanic eruptions
Of combustible hearts and white-hot kids
Who talk in breakbeat rhythm
While chewing the sides of their mouths
Until the blood doesn't flow anymore.


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