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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fear and Looting in America

My man 'cheeto55' from the Sonic Youth forum has posted a blistering and fearless first person account of what he witnessed when going with his wife to deliver clothes to the besieged Astrodome. The level of helplessness that pervades this entire situation is perfectly captured in this heartrending diatribe:

The administrators and politicians kept saying they did not need anything that they had enough of food and clothes, but anytime the reporters managed to talk to any volunteers or doctors or red cross people, all they could say was "we need EVERYTHING" and "whoever is telling you that there are adequate or sufficient supplies of ANYTHING, from food to manpower, is delusional". So I found a red cross worker and asked and she said if we took it into the dome someone would definitely use it. so we walked down the east ramp, into the saddest, most surreal scene I have ever witnessed in my life. We found a volunteer who took the clothes we brought and told us how much they were appreciated and we went over and signed up to volunteer. First of all, the Red Cross is the ONLY organization doing anything remotely organized. they have NO federal help. NO national guards, NO military personnel, Nothing at all. They are stretched to the limit in every possible way.

Click here for the full text.


  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger mike said…

    thanks for bringing that to everyones attention, it's all worth knowing


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