The ears have walls

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


the day began as every other summer's did
stifling hot and infinite in possibility
threw on my too-big 501's and headed out into the street
she was waiting for me
hands shielding the glare from our living room windowpane
a frown across her face

we walked through the deserted square
towards the old abandoned porno movie theatre
there's nothing left but the broken dreams
of jilted, breathless teenage queeens
projected onto the tattered screens
in matinee's of indecency.

it was going just as I had planned it that day
our hands brushed briefly as we crossed the road
Oh Jacinda, my face betrayed the moment
for I nervously began to rub my eye
she said "there's no need to be in such a rush
we've got all day and this game has only just begun"

At the poolhall on the other end of town
we picked up a friend of ours, a quiet boy
a stranger but for the fact he lived near me
and a promise made to a neighbour's mom
is a promise that i had to keep
so we set off for the river shore, us noble three.

we sat down on the edge beneath
the arms of an overhanging weeping willow tree
and we spoke at length on treachery and loyalty
and all the things that dwell between
the sun dipped below the lowest leaves
Oh Jacinda, you're the biggest tease

But as the neighbours son turned round
his feet tracing patterns on the stony ground
I grabbed his shoulders from behind him
they felt so small, so undefined and
I pushed them harder than I should
for a harder shove had my own withstood.

and as his body beneath the murky water sank
we both watched helpless from the river bank
oh god please don't blame me
oh god why can't she see
it was nothing but a children's prank
conceived in vanity
just a way for me
to make Jacinda smile.


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