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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Late edition

Ok I know I have been really slacking off on the blog in the last week or two. Work has been fucking mad and I haven't had a minute to check out what's happening on the interweb or to post a thing. Today's a little quieter so I'll try get a few decent posts in during the night. Bear with me gentle reader......

A quick recap of my week:

I got a call from a girl I met last year when still living down in the country. She's from just outside Frankfurt in Germany and we met on a drunken night out in Galway ages ago, but she had to leave to go back to Deutschland a week or so after we met so I never really got the chance to see if it would fit. We kept in semi-regular text and email contact for a few months but that kinda tapered off.. as those things do. Anyways, I got a call from her on Sunday saying she was back in Ireland and really wanted to see me. I, obligingly as always, have decided to take a train down to Galway on Friday night just so I can spend the evening with her. She's flying back home Saturday so once again she'll be leaving me before I know it. Fuck it. If I don't go down to see her then I'll spend the rest of my life wondering 'What If' and I hate playing that game. We'll see how it goes. I'm excited about seeing her and for the first time I'm not really thinking about M. (the other.. see earlier posts) with seething anger and a sense of monumental failure in my heart, which Dr Phil tells me is the first step to recovery and healing. Daytime TV saved my life y'all, and now I'm paying it back in spades.

In other news, I saw a body being dragged out of the Liffey river today on my way in to work. We were in the bus when two or three fire trucks came flying past with their sirens wailing and stopped on the Millenium bridge. People were already beginning to line the quays to get a look. Some rescue guy leapt into the water, swam out about 15 metres and brought this guy up from under the water. He then started to slowly drag him towards the ladder mounted on the side wall but you could see that the guy was dead already. He had probably been in the water for some time by then, and the other rescue personnel along the quay had a body bag out waiting. It was probably a suicide, but I can't find any reports on the web yet. One of my co-workers mentioned that they don't like to advertise suicides, especially ones as high profile as this one - In the middle of the day in the centre of the busiest part of town, right by the tourist hubs. Stands to reason I suppose. Given the morally ambivalent attitude towards those sorts of things in this neck of the woods I wouldn't be surprised if it hardly warrants a mention on the evening news bulletins. At the end of the day it's just some bloated, discoloured dead guy being fished out of the polluted water and hoisted manfully on to waiting ambulance while thousands of morbidly curious and snap-happy tourists look on. I don't know why, if they saw this guy in the water earlier, no-one jumped in to try save him. Fear of picking up cholera from the water? Inability to swim? Complete lack of human emotion and feeling? Who knows... like I said. Just another dead guy.


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