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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Love Arm

Ujino Muneteru, a Japanese artist/musician has created a collection of strange and terrible feedback machines - collectively christened 'Love Arm'. He plays these monstrous instruments on stage as one half of the art band 'Gorgeous'.

Ujino makes noise without using a guitar; and he thus distances himself from a history of American rock which centres around the guitar. But, paradoxically as he says, the bat is made from the same wood as the Fender and shares roughly its same weight and size. It is thus in some senses, a guitar Ujino 'plays', but one which has been totally transformed. The two most influential American icons which have entered Japanese modern culture are simultaneously merged and destroyed. He frees himself, if only for a moment, from those two great symbols of American culture in which he lives. The transformed bat/guitar truly becomes a 'Love Arm', an expression of his undeniable respect for these icons, and a weapon (arm) against them, using feedback and noise to make the two indistinguishable. Indeed, Ujino says of his works that they represent his philosophy towards the Unites States.

Via we-make-money-not-art.


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