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Friday, September 02, 2005

Newsflash: 'Tissue regeneration gene' discovered in mice.

Scientists have created mice which can regenerate lost limbs and internal organs that have been damaged or removed:

The self-healing mice, from a strain known as MRL, were [...] subjected to a series of surgical procedures. In one case the mice had their toes amputated - but the digits grew back, complete with joints. In another test some of the tail was cut off, and this also regenerated. Then the researchers used a cryoprobe to freeze parts of the animals' hearts, and watched them grow back again. A similar phenomenon was observed when the optic nerve was severed and the liver partially destroyed.

Read more here.

The implication of this discovery for humans is huge. Imagine a future where amputees can regrow their limbs and people with damage to their internal organs can simply lie back while the affected organ regenerates itself.

Via Slashdot


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