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Monday, September 26, 2005

South Africa facing land grabs?

A South African farmer in the country's North West Province could lose his land when a notice for expropriation is served on him by former occupants who claim that the land was unlawfully taken from them during in the late 1930's.

Three portions of the farm had been acquired, but Visser had refused the R1,75-million offer for the 45ha he occupied. Visser said if what was happening had been in accordance with the land restitution policy, he would have had no problems.

"What is happening here is a self-enrichment scheme that needs to be challenged. I never thought of going to court, but I have been forced to do so.... No one should expect me to just fold my hands when something I struggled for is being taken away in this manner."

Read the full story here.

Is this the start of a mass land-grab along the lines of what happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe? If it is, then it is inevitable that the country will be the worse for it. It was proven beyond all doubt that the re-distribution of wealth and land needs to be supervised at all levels by an international body with powers to intervene wherever necessary. If things go the way of Zimbabwe then all that lies ahead for this beautiful country is decay and eventual ruin. Don't fuck it up Thabo Mbeki.


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